SciNote Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN), an industry leader in R&D ELN and digital laboratory solutions, has partnered with Ganymede Bio, the cloud infrastructure provider purpose-built for the life sciences and manufacturing industries, to redefine how data is collected and consumed within laboratories. SciNote users will now be able to leverage Ganymede’s data platform to integrate data from any lab instrument, run streamlined analysis using their favorite apps, and automatically tag and enter experimental results into the appropriate notebook entries.

SciNote ELN, a comprehensive electronic lab notebook, offers scientists a solution with their secure and user-friendly platform to record, organize, and analyze their research data. But,data integration remains a fundamental problem that all life sciences organizations face. As experiments and results pile up in drug development pipelines and workflows, it is increasingly difficult for researchers to manage all of their lab data, let alone get a unified view of their work to draw insights from. “A challenge we see our users face every day is the increasing scale of data, coming from a variety of sources within the lab,” notes Brendan McCorkle, CEO of SciNote.

With Ganymede’s unique Lab-as Code technology, SciNote now extends its offerings to include integrated connectivity and data interoperability with all instruments and software platforms. Together, the two companies will give users a holistic live view of all of their data, ensure data integrity and traceability, while speeding up R&D, compliance, analysis, and decision-making – and ultimately power better science. This signifies a major step forward for SciNote in their goal to enable their users to have all of their scientific data reach the industry gold standard in quality – FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable).

“Every piece of data that’s not stitched into the picture, every machine that’s not connected, every note that doesn’t make it into the data set, can lower the quality of future analysis. SciNote ELN has been on the forefront to ensure experimental data is securely stored and contextualized. This partnership with Ganymede will help us provide the data infrastructure necessary to bridge the gap between the physical lab and the digital solution we provide. The end result we’re aiming for is offering the most unified view of scientific data at the bench to our users,” added McCorkle.

Through this strategic partnership, SciNote and Ganymede aim to empower scientists to focus on what they do best: conducting groundbreaking research. By simplifying and automating data collection, analysis, and reporting, researchers can allocate more time to scientific exploration and innovation, driving progress in their respective fields. Furthermore, this streamlining will make it easier for data scientists and lab leadership downstream of each scientist to work with the data coming from the lab to drive business decisions.

“SciNote’s powerful platform and white-glove service with clients makes it an ideal centerpiece of digital strategies, and easy for us to integrate instrument data into.” Said Nathan Clark, CEO of Ganymede. “We look forward to giving SciNote and its clients a powerful new lever to automate the wet lab around them, accelerating scientists by saving time on manual data work, and pushing more data into the ELN than ever before.”

The partnership is a noteworthy break from traditional software approaches in the life sciences where every aspect of data management is typically handled with one-size-fits-all style solutions. Instead, the goal here is to maximize the options and flexibility for end users to be able to easily assemble a functional tech stack of best-in class solutions.

“Having choices is important.” Brendan elaborated, “We believe scientists should be able to choose their tooling. This partnership allows researchers to not be beholden to specific software pairings and instead allows scientists to choose the best tool to do their specific jobs more successfully – which is our end goal.”

For more information about this partnership, please visit Ganymede to schedule a demo.