Back in October, Wisconsin received a federal Tech Hub designation for Personalized Medicine from the U.S. Economic Development Administration, placing Wisconsin at the forefront of the Biotech industry.

WMTV 15 News spoke with the CEO of BioForward Wisconsin, Lisa Johnson, on the importance of this designation.

The federal government looks around the nation at areas they believe are creating cutting edge technologies and industries. They put out an application and ask companies why they believe they could become a global tech hub in the next ten years.

“So we won. There were 192 applications, 31 selected. That’s from 16%. It just shows you our strength” said Johnson.

BioHealth Tech Hub moved forward in the application process and is now competing against the other 31 companies that were selected. The win signals that the biotech industry is strong in Wisconsin and could be a place where personalized medicine grows in the future.

Out of the 31 companies selected, only 10 are named finalists. More information can be found at