Jesse Winker

Director of Product Development

Prent Corporation

Jesse has been with Prent Corporation for 15 years and is the Director of Product Development.  Prent Corp is a Custom Medical Thermoformer headquartered in Janesville WI.  He is responsible for leading direct design and tooling departments within the North American Prent Facilities.  Prent also has design and manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia to serve the medical industry globally where Jesse plays a large role in collaboration and organization strategic projects and initiatives.

Prent is a vertically integrated company that controls all Machine Design, Machine Build, Product Design, Tool Design, Tool Build, Maintenance, as well as IT software development.  Prent also has a sister company that extrudes raw materials for the North American markets.  Since Prent is so vertically integrated, this does give strategic advantage to its customers who are able to leverage the nimble mindset of Prent.  Jesse’s responsibilities include development integration with all the vertical pillars of the Prent business to drive Innovation to support their Medical Customers worldwide.

Jesse has a degree in Engineering Technology, Mechanical Design from University of Wisconsin-Stout.