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BioForward’s programs and memberships are designed to support members through business networking events, advocacy on behalf of the industry, exclusive rebates through our select savings program, and educational and speaker programming.

A key benefit offered by BioForward membership is in knowing that you are an integral part of an active industry community that is united behind the vision of making Wisconsin a leader in integrated health solutions, so that we can continue to be a more powerful force in this state and our nation. The strength of this community is reflected in the valuable connections made between our members, and the opportunities provided to help individuals grow their businesses and Wisconsin’s economy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Membership runs from April 1 each year through March 31 the following year.

All employees of BioForward member organizations are members of BioForward, and receive all membership benefits

Check to see if your company is listed in BioForward’s Membership Directory.  If they’re listed then you’re a member!

New Members

Thank you for your interest in BioForward membership.

If you would like to join BioForward we ask that you complete a brief membership form. This will provide us with information that will be used to create your online membership profile, and to ensure your employees receive announcements about BioForward activities and the full benefits of membership. Once completed please send the form to Brian Moeller at [email protected] expressing your interest in joining. If you have any questions about fees or benefits please visit out our Member Benefit & Fees page or email Brian Moeller at the address above.

Membership Types

Base Membership:

Biohealth companies, related organizations, and industry affiliates who want to get involved in the integrated health solutions industry and take advantage of BioForward’s numerous member benefits such as free event attendance, select savings program, legislative advocacy and more.

Medallion Membership:

Biohealth companies, related organizations, and industry affiliates that are ready to make an impact on the community and take advantage of everything BioForward has to offer including free passes and sponsorship of large events, free advertisement and logo promotion on our site, free job postings, exclusive VIP invites to networking events with industry leaders, and much more.

Position your company as a thought leader in our growing biohealth industry in Wisconsin.  This level of memberships is for organizations that want to be at the center of BioForward Events and show their commitment to the community.

Membership Fees

Joining or Renewing BioForward Membership

Request an Invoice or ACH Payment

If you’d like an invoice (or additional documentation as needed such as W9, TIN, etc.) or would like to make a payment through ACH transfer please contact Brian Moeller ([email protected])

Payment by Check

Payment by check can be processed by mailing a check with your printed and completed membership form to:

214 N Hamilton, Suite 202
Madison, WI 53703

Credit Card Payment

BioForward Membership periods run from April 1 to March 31.  Membership levels are based on number of employees. It is an organization membership and all employees of that company are members.

One-Person Company Membership

BioForward Membership runs from April 1 to March 31

Less Than 10 Employees Membership

11-24 Employees Membership

25-100 Employee Membership

More than 100 Employee Membership

Non-Profit/Education Organization

If you are interested in Medallion Membership or having trouble with our Stripe Payment Processor, please contact Brian Moeller at 608-204-6229 or [email protected]