Public Relations Initiative

BioForward is celebrating member accomplishments and shaping the media narrative.

Public Relations Initiative

The BioForward Wisconsin membership is made up of the best and the brightest minds in the biohealth realm. As the collective voice of the Wisconsin biohealth industry, we realized that we can serve as a megaphone to make sure the accomplishments of member companies are celebrated and their voices are heard. BioForward has partnered with Chartwell Agency to develop a public relations strategy that ties directly into our talent acquisition initiative and heightens the awareness of our members and our region. Together we are working diligently, and successfully, to own content and the media narrative, and proactively communicate key messages to showcase members, profile companies, and gain higher impact outcomes.

Some key areas of focus within the Public Relations Initiative are:
  • Member stories and profiles
  • Wisconsin-based stories/focus
  • Blogs/vlogs
  • Trends-based marketing

Goals of BioForward’s PR Initiative:

  • Enhance Wisconsin’s reputation as a hub of biohealth innovation and thought leadership
  • Guide the narrative of the media to focus on Wisconsin’s biohealth industry and the accomplishments of members companies and research institutions
  • Amplify the success of other key goals/initiatives

Talent Initiative – Drive appreciation of member companies and career opportunities in Wisconsin

Advocacy – Raise awareness of our industry to the public and legislators

Innovation/Partnerships – Draw the attention of new investors and partners to opportunities in Wisconsin startups and established companies

media highlights featuring BioForward and member companies since the effort started

million impressions on social media and media outlets

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