Biohealth Innovation Territory

At the frontier of life sciences and medical breakthroughs.

Biohealth Innovation Territory (BIT)

Wisconsin is a part of the region previously referred to as the “Rust Belt” (unappealing, isn’t it?). Aligned with our proud history as pioneers of the manufacturing age, the Midwest has invested in a massive transformation to high-tech manufacturing and industries such as biotechnology, robotics, artificial intelligence/machine learning, advanced materials, regenerative medicine, genomics, and nanotechnology. Today, it’s now the Biohealth Innovation Territory (BIT), and Wisconsin is at its heart.

With Wisconsin’s Madison and Milwaukee defining a central corridor, BIT extends through major cities including Indianapolis, Chicago, Minneapolis, and down through Iowa. BIT’s Midwest location creates an interconnected ecosystem of biohealth leaders uniquely positioned to positively impact health on a global scale.

BioForward Wisconsin is an action-oriented association, meeting our members’ needs.

Health Research Institutions

Some of the nation’s top research institutes are in our region. Wisconsin alone represents $939 million in biohealth-related R&D annually.

Biotech & Biopharma

From therapeutic and drug development to translational and integrated science, biotech and biopharma accounts for one of Wisconsin’s largest economic drivers and is a leading employer.

Digital Health

Digital technology in health empowers patients and healthcare systems to provide personalized care, and Wisconsin’s newest and fastest-growing sector is at the center of innovation.

Medical Device & Diagnostics

From start-ups to corporate powerhouses, the medical device and diagnostics sector continues to grow and thrive in Wisconsin. Breakthroughs happen every day, and medical device companies represent two-thirds of Wisconsin’s bioscience-related patents.

Biohealth Supply Chain

An ecosystem is only as strong as its supply chain. Wisconsin’s supply chain suppliers and BIT’s central location make it possible to support the global biohealth industry.