BioForward Gives Back

As a part of promoting the biohealth industry and region and positioning the Wisconsin biohealth industry for growth, BioForward prioritizes care, compassion, and community. We realize that to have a strong biohealth industry we need strong communities, strong families, and educational opportunities for everyone in Wisconsin. By strengthening these factors in Wisconsin, we eliminate barriers to those in need and ensure a healthy, diverse, and talented workforce. Each year BioForward commits funds to support these organizations.

in donations and sponsorships in 2021

We plan to use your donation towards more sports equipment for the mentees, as well as access to mental wellness resources.

I’m grateful that BioForward is making such a generous donation in support of educational outreach… will have a statewide impact with youth and adults in rural and urban communities.

We will use your funds to cover the cost of high-need schools so they can have high-quality, hands-on STEM experiences in their classroom or on our campus.

BioForward Giving in the News

In 2023, BioForward decided to donate to Milotso, a non-profit dedicated to connecting college athletes with youth programs in Milwaukee. Their program puts an emphasis on building life skills and prioritizing mental health and wellness.

BioForward has been happy to contribute to Kesem‘s Make the Magic Gala. The donations are used to provide services directly to children impacted by a parent’s cancer.

BioForward Wisconsin provides support to educational programs, like Maydm, to provide hands-on STEM experience for Wisconsin’s youth.

BioForward Wisconsin acquired and distributed PPE to local providers in need including Dreamweavers, Inc., REM Wisconsin, Options in Community Living, Inc., Comfort Care 4U, Create-Ability, Inc., Rise Up, Community Living Connections, and Catholic Charities.

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