Advocacy Overview

Public policy plays a critical role in the success of the biohealth industry. BioForward works actively to:

  • Help shape state and federal policy
  • Be a positive, independent voice that collaborates with legislators, our industry and research institutions on critical biohealth issues and initiatives
  • Monitor legislation and make our members aware of legislation that will impact their companies and our industry. Educate members on how they can be engaged in public policy affecting our industry
  • Invest in industry economic impact studies providing essential data to educate legislators on the economic benefit of Wisconsin’s biohealth industry

Wisconsin State Policy Advocacy

BioForward is Wisconsin’s advocate for biohealth business issues.  We support the development of state policies in Wisconsin that support the health and growth of our member companies, promote our talented workforce and strengthen our already robust Wisconsin research institutions. Learn more about our 2019 state advocacy policies here. 

Federal Policy Advocacy

A key value we bring our members is to advocate on behalf of this industry on both a state and federal level. We align our federal policy efforts with our national associations: AdvaMed, the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO) and PhRMA. In October 2018, BioFoward released our Wisconsin Biohealth Industry 2018 Economic Impact Report demonstrating that our industry contributed $27b in direct economic output while supporting total jobs of 250,379 in the State of Wisconsin. Learn more about our 2019 federal advocacy policies here

Contact Your Legislator:

BioForward periodically sends out legislative alerts asking members to contact their senators or representatives on issues of importance to the biosciences. Click here to easily find contact information when you need it.

Government Affairs Committee

BioForward works with member companies and our legislative council to provide our members with the legislative support and representation they need to grow their companies and promote the Wisconsin biohealth industry. View the government affairs committee here. 

Cures for Tomorrow:

Cures for Tomorrow is a coalition of Wisconsin academic research institutions, bioscience-related trade groups and health care providers. The coalition supports and advocates for biomedical research in the state and is committed to educating the public about the value of biomedical research to individual patients and the state as a whole. Learn more here. 

Innovation Saves:

In partnership with BIO, we support the important progress in addressing the diseases that steal our time with loved ones and burden our healthcare system.  Click here to learn more about how innovation saves. 

Member Testimonials:

BioForward does a masterful job of protecting our policy interests and promoting a positive legislative environment for life sciences companies. Sanofi greatly appreciates BioForward’s great work at the Capitol in Madison and on the Hill in DC.

-Russ Sobotta, Director, State Govt. Affairs at Sanofi, U.S.

Our partnership with BioForward is essential to ensuring public policy keeps pace with medical technology innovation in Wisconsin. BioForward’s leadership has laid the foundation for the state’s current, robust medtech industry and has Wisconsin well-positioned for continued growth.

-Brian O’Connor, VP Alliance Development at AdvaMed

BioForward has been an important part of my professional life since starting Anteco Pharma in 2004. The organization has given me the opportunity to keep up to date with the biotechnology and medical industries through conferences, speakers and regular on-line postings / e-mails. I have also benefited from and participated in legislative advocacy of issues vital to me and my business. Most important, however, has been the opportunity to network with individuals in the larger biotech community who have positively affected the success of my business and my personal life.

-Howard Teeter, President – Anteco Pharma

BioForward connects a crucial segment of our state’s economy – companies interested in advancing global health. They bring value to members by providing industry perspective, legislative momentum and a forum for innovation.

-Cynthia LaConte, CEO of The Dohmen Company