Talent Initiative

BioForward is ensuring continued growth and success for the Wisconsin biohealth industry. 

Talent Initiative

To ensure continued growth and success for the Wisconsin biohealth industry, it was essential that BioForward Wisconsin address one of the greatest challenges for companies today—talent attraction/acquisition and retention.

The Wisconsin biohealth industry has a vast number of great companies, opportunities, and success stories all housed in a beautiful state with modern and exciting cities. Even with all of that, the Wisconsin biohealth industry is often overlooked and underestimated. BioForward is changing that and helping prospective talent see all that Wisconsin has to offer.

As a part of our talent initiative, BioForward has sought out ways to develop increased brand awareness, visibility and drive prospective employees towards the right position at the right member company.

reached by ad impressions

sessions on the talent page

Efforts have been successful! Millions of users in both Wisconsin and nationwide have seen talent initiative ads and associated materials. And BioForward isn’t done yet! We will continue to invest time and resources towards drawing top-tier talent to Wisconsin.

Some key areas of focus within the Talent Initiative are:
  • BioForward has formed a BioHR group with HR managers from member companies to discuss issues and get feedback, as well as holistically address major concerns to the industry (email [email protected] if you would like to join)
  • BioForward is changing perceptions of our industry and state by running digital ads
  • BioForward has created an exclusive career center that features BioForward biohealth member companies
  • BioForward established a talent initiative landing page as a destination for job seekers to learn more about our state and community, with links to member-specific landing pages (member companies ONLY) to serve as a jumping-off point for talent to apply directly to member companies
  • In conjunction with our Public Relations initiative, BioForward is positioning the state as a powerhouse in biohealth innovation and collaboration, demonstrating the attractiveness of the region to biohealth professions; and providing opportunities to enhance awareness/visibility on the national stage

Digital Initiatives