BioForward has a two-pronged focus that provides a framework for supporting our members, our industry, and achieving broad organizational goals.

Positioning the Industry for Growth

BioForward Wisconsin has a central role in helping position the State’s biohealth industry for growth. Through facilitating the interrelationships that drive collaboration, advocacy efforts, cooperative buying programs, and investment in unique programs and initiatives, BioForward sets up our industry for long-term success.

Networking & Connections

BioForward facilitates the interconnections and relationships within the biohealth ecosystem in Wisconsin bolstering the supportive environment that makes the Wisconsin biohealth industry unique. Special events provide opportunities for education and engagement and foster a robust network of connections.

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BioForward supports the growth of the biohealth cluster by coordinating collaborations. Efforts include savings and reward program; supporting initiatives that enhance the industry’s attractiveness and effectiveness; and pursuing regional, national, and international collaborations from which we can learn and grow.

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BioForward provides proactive advocacy that highlights the economic and social impact of our industry and supports its continued growth.  BioForward amplifies the voices of Wisconsin’s biohealth leaders.

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BioForward monitors the needs impacting our industry, especially relating to education and training. BioForward facilitates the growth of educational programs that help fill the talent pipeline, including everything from supporting early STEM to working with higher education partners to develop programs and certifications.

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Promoting the Industry/Region

BioForward promotes both the State and the industry to achieve a host of goals. BioForward serves as the collective marketing voice, touting the cluster’s unique and diverse capabilities and earning recognition as a national and international leader. BioForward also continues to grow a sense of pride in our industry we all feel throughout the State and beyond.

Talent Investment

BioForward supports member talent acquisition goals by promoting quality of life and the multitude of unique opportunities available within the State’s biohealth industry. BioForward pursues avenues to promote Wisconsin as well as jobs and careers in biohealth. BioForward focuses on identifying a diverse and robust talent pool, targeting promotions, and directing candidates to regional opportunities.

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Thought Leadership

BioForward shares the successes and opportunities for investment within Wisconson’s biohealth cluster. BioForward earns recognition for the industry’s economic impact and markets its unique competitive advantages to secure financial support from investors and granting entities. BioForward also provides support for entrepreneurs to locate within the cluster and ensure their success.

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BioForward serves as the collective voice of the industry, translating goals and achievements of the biohealth cluster into meaningful stories, impact statements, and data points that resonate with leaders, politicians, educators, investors, and the general public. BioForward connects members to opportunities to share their expertise to promote their companies and improve the region’s position on the global health stage.

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