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The Wisconsin Biohealth Tech Hub represents a pivotal initiative at the forefront of healthcare innovation, aiming to propel Wisconsin into a global leadership position in personalized medicine and biohealth technologies.

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Bringing the Pieces Together

With BioForward as the lead member, a consortium comprised of 18 Wisconsin businesses, educational institutions, civic leaders, and entrepreneurs formed to leverage Wisconsin’s cluster of biohealth assets and position the state as a global leader in personalized medicine. This group, led by the Regional Innovation Officer Wendy Harris, developed the Tech Hub framework to drive innovation and economic growth and improve global health.

Learn about Wisconsin’s historical strengths that made it an ideal location for a tech hub in the Economic Impact Report or the FAQs.

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Wisconsin’s Biohealth Challenge

  • Integration of personalized medicine technologies, healthcare practices, and data, while ensuring equitable access to personalized medicine for all
  • Establishment of innovative technologies to advance our WI Biohealth industry to worldwide leadership and associated economic growth

Personalized Medicine Vision

Patient Impact

  • Personalized – right patient right treatment right time
  • Meaningful – Solving significant unmet healthcare needs
  • Measurable – Data driven and data moving results
  • Cost Effective – practical, inclusive: diverse populations, rural to urban delivery settings

Technology Leadership

  • World leaders in Medical Physics – Diagnostics to therapy united with Big Data
  • Personalized Medicine – Innovation, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain
  • Improving lives – Moving from theory to application

Economic development

  • Personalized medicine – Advancing existing world-leading position
  • Diverse workforce – Leveraging, skills, education level, and demand-driven job creation
  • Living-wage jobs – inclusive participation with upward mobility for continuous career growth in Wisconsin
  • Connect strengths – Build bridges between Innovation, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain

Unleashing Personalized Medicine: The Projects

Personalized medicine is an innovative approach to healthcare that tailors treatment based on a patient’s unique genetic code, medical history, and environment. It will reshape the healthcare landscape, deliver better health outcomes, lower costs, and drive new product development. Five interconnected projects, led by Wisconsin Biohealth Tech Hub Governance, will unite innovation, manufacturing, and workforce development initiatives, building a world-class personalized medicine center.

Wisconsin Health Data Hub

aims to establish a cyber-secure repository of expansive health data, fueling innovation and reducing the cost and time required to bring new therapies to market. Led by UW-Madison.

CAREScan Mobile Cancer Screening

addresses health disparities by deploying mobile cancer screening fleets in underserved communities, collecting valuable biomarker data, and advancing health equity. Led by Medical College of Wisconsin.

Image Guided Personalized Therapy

streamlines the integration of new technologies into healthcare systems, supporting the growth of theranostics and driving innovation in personalized medicine. Led by GE HealthCare.

Advancing Innovation to Commercialization

provides a critical support network for entrepreneurs, offering lab space, investment attraction, capital efficiency and de-risking strategies, thus moving innovations closer to market and investment readiness. Led by BioForward Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Workforce Development

ensures a skilled workforce to sustain sector growth through expanded certification programs, apprenticeships, and skills-based training, creating inclusive talent pipelines aligned with employer demands. Led by Madison College and Milwaukee Area Technical College.

The Future Impact of the WI Biohealth Tech Hub

Economic Growth

By driving innovation, fostering entrepreneurship, attracting talent, and securing strategic investments, the Tech Hub propels Wisconsin’s economic growth and global competitiveness.

Advancing Innovation

The Tech Hub plays a pivotal role in advancing early-stage companies through two avenues: operational & equipment support from Forward BIOLABS and essential de-risking resources to advance our most innovative companies down the commercialization pathway.

Personalized Medicine Benefits

Leading the way in healthcare transformation, the Tech Hub promises precise diagnostics, tailored treatments, and preventative measures based on genomics research leading to enhanced quality of life, and individualized healthcare solutions.

Health Equity Focus

Prioritizing health equity, the Hub will facilitate accessible care, culturally sensitive healthcare services, early intervention, targeted therapies, and a conducive environment for inclusive research and innovation.

 10 Year Goals

pending full funding of projects

as much as

in regional GDP growth

up to

added to the biohealth ecosystem

Wisconsin Investment Commitment

committed in investments

committed by the state

committed by the consortium

committed by the industry

reach out to Wendy Harris for more information on our new initiatives

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