Wisconsin’s Biohealth Industry Economic Impact

BioForward Wisconsin proudly presents the Wisconsin Biohealth: Industry Landscape and Economic Impact Report. 

This report highlights the remarkable growth and innovation of Wisconsin’s biohealth industry, surpassing other major sectors in terms of job growth, wages, and economic contributions.

Report prepared by TEConomy Partners, LLC, a global leader in research, analysis, and strategy for innovation-based economic development and funded by BioForward Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation to emphasize the importance of the biohealth industry to the state’s economy and its ability to tackle health and quality-of-life issues.

“Wisconsin has been recognized as a powerhouse not just for discovering the latest advances in biopharmaceutical research and development but in manufacturing and producing these lifesaving treatments as well.”

Tony Evers

Governor, State of Wisconsin

“This report underscores the immense growth potential of Wisconsin’s biohealth industry, which plays a crucial role in the state’s economic development. Despite economic challenges, the industry offers high-wage jobs, career opportunities, and innovation, positioning Wisconsin as a leader in addressing local and global health challenges.”

Lisa Johnson

CEO, BioForward Wisconsin

Additional Economic Impact Resources

Segment Breakout Reports

Our comprehensive economic impact report was compiled to provide evidence to provide a total overview of the strength of the Wisconsin biohealth industry. We’ve created condensed versions of this report containing the most compelling data. We encourage you to use this data to describe the strength, breadth, and growth of our industry, communicating to investors, corporate headquarters, or potential talent.



Additionally, BioForward has prepared a MEDALLION MEMBER ONLY resource to provide additional insight on workforce trends and supply chain strength in Wisconsin as a bonus for those companies’ active support of our initiatives. If you are a medallion member and would like access to this report, please contact Mike Harrison at [email protected].

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