Why Wisconsin

Our region’s integrated health solutions make us a unique and inviting place for businesses and people to live, work, grow and play.

The Badger State is known for many different things.

The most water parks in one area. Being “America’s Dairyland.” #1 producer of cheese. Home to 26,767 miles of streams and rivers (enough to circle the globe with some to spare).

But did you know that it boasts a world-class university system and a bioscience industry that is one of the largest industries in the state? 

In fact, the Wisconsin biohealth industry has:

  • Over $28.8 billion in total state economic impact
  • Over 1,700 biohealth business establishments 
  • Nearly $934 million in biohealth-related University R&D annually 
  • $1 billion in federal funding to improve human health annually
  • 8.0% job growth rate- more than 2x the overall state average 

Wisconsin’s uniquely diverse composition of life science sectors has led BioForward Wisconsin to use the term biohealth. Biohealth is what defines and differentiates the Wisconsin Biohealth Innovation Territory (BIT). It is the intersection of research institutions, biotech and biopharma, digital health, healthcare systems, and medical device and diagnostics. 

A little bit more about our home state:

Some of the world’s most dynamic companies and individuals choose to build their tech careers here. With ample opportunities and competitive salaries in the biohealth arena, matched with low-cost and high-quality living, there’s never been a better time to call Wisconsin home. 

Madison, our state capital, has been recognized as a top place to live and grow your business. It is home to five area lakes, 200 biking and hiking trails, and has been voted one of the top five healthiest cities. In addition, Madison is home to both a world-known research institution and a world-known healthcare system, making it uniquely situated for developing integrated health solutions. 

Milwaukee is not only Wisconsin’s largest city but was recently named the Midwest’s coolest and most underrated city. Located right on the shores of Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is the place to be for innovation and entrepreneurship with a high volume of Fortune 1000 companies, over 2,000 tech companies, multiple research institutions, and one of the largest concentrations of college students compared to other large metros.

Wisconsin is much more than Madison & Milwaukee-

Amongst the natural beauty found throughout Wisconsin are manufacturing and technology hot spots that provide innovation and produce millions of products that are sent worldwide. Eau Claire, Hudson, and the surrounding areas are transforming into a technology hub for young professionals with proximity to Minneapolis. At the same time, Green Bay is a long-standing national treasure for sports fans that is just south of the quintessential vacation spot, Door County. 

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