Enhancing Sustainability and Profitability: Leveraging Energy Efficiency Rebates to Achieve Green Lab Goals

What are your sustainability targets? Are they governed by social responsibility, an internal green team, or associated operating costs? Join Focus on Energy as they discuss new incentive programs for the lab space and beyond, designed to instantly reduce the price of energy efficient lab cold storage, as well as brand new programs providing rebates for efficient food service, water heating, and HVAC equipment.

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Meet the Hosts:

Phil Pipitone is a Senior Life Sciences Manager fostering thriving partnerships with lab equipment suppliers, life sciences end users, and the sustainable laboratory space to develop and drive new energy-saving opportunities for labs. He leverages his decade-plus expertise in life sciences equipment, particularly cold storage to drive sustainability targets, is a My Green Lab Ambassador, and on the board of the Greater New York chapter of the International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories. Phil manages relationships with life sciences suppliers participating in the incentive program on behalf of Focus on Energy.

Sophia Showalter is an experienced project manager specializing in the energy efficiency sector. With a focus on inclusive program design, she actively contributes to the development and implementation of energy efficiency initiatives for utility and government clients. Currently, Sophia oversees the Instant Discounts Program on behalf of Focus on Energy, facilitating access to smart energy solutions for the people of Wisconsin. She is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.


May 21 2024


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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