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The mentorship program is designed to create connections among women within the biohealth field. Mentees benefit from the experience of their mentors to guide them in achieving their professional goals. Mentors are able to give back to the biohealth community by sharing their knowledge.

Mentors and mentees convene for regular one-on-one meetings starting January 16th 2023 to April 3rd 2023, either in person or online. Both parties agree to meet six times within a three-month period as their schedule allows, with a recommendation to meet biweekly. Support is provided by program administrators in the form of kick-off and wrap-up events, check-in emails, mentor mentee tip sheet, open office hours for Q&A and guiding worksheets.

WiB Mentoring is appropriate for professionals at all experience levels who are looking to make connections within the biohealth community.

Please send in any questions you may have about the WiB Mentorship Program to [email protected]

If you would like to participate in the WiB Mentorship Program, please register at the link below.


Please only register if you can commit to the entire time course of the program.


Nov 17 2022


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Location: TBD
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