Sarah Duellman


Global Strategic Business Lead, Biotech, Promega

Sector: Biotechnology

Location: Fitchburg, Wisconsin

Promega: Promega Corporation is a worldwide leader in applying biochemistry and molecular biology to developing innovative, high-value products for the life sciences. Wisconsin-based manufacturer of enzymes and other biotechnology and molecular biology products with a portfolio covering genomics, protein analysis, expression, cellular analysis, drug discovery, and genetic identity. Promega exists on an evolutionary frontier where the values of science, business, and human well-being intersect. Acknowledging these interdependencies, Promega cultivates its environment to allow employees to flourish, develop deep and enduring relationships with all constituencies and create intelligent life-science solutions.

Bio Highlights: Sarah Duellman, Ph.D., currently leads the global business strategy for the biotech segment at Promega Corporation. She is a research scientist turned technical advisor. She identifies trending research areas in her current role and matches Promega’s innovative technology portfolio to leading-edge scientific research. In addition, she develops, communicates, and monitors worldwide commercialization strategies and marketing tactics; responsible for managing the programs, events, and communications about Promega’s products and services to internal and external customers in the biotech industry.

Sarah recognizes the value of biotech incubators to enable innovative research and leads a Promega initiative to engage and support these facilities and the innovative resident companies that go through their walls. She sits on the advisory board of Forward Biolabs and builds partnerships with incubators around the globe.

Before her current role, she spent many years as an R&D scientist at Promega developing technologies in cell health. Then, she transitioned to the sales team, where she used this expertise to connect with researchers and help to advance their work. She earned her B.S. from Illinois State University and her Ph.D. from UW-Madison. Her postdoctoral work at SRI International, a non-profit research institute in the San Francisco area, focused on drug discovery and basic cancer cell energy metabolism research.

You will find her outside in her free time, enjoying the beautiful spaces that Wisconsin has to offer. You can often find Sarah with her husband and two young children on a hike, bike, or kayak adventure.