Lara Riem

Director of AI and Data Science

Springbok Analytics

Lara Riem, PhD is the director of AI and Data Science at Springbok Analytics.  Springbok’s AI technology transforms standard, 2D magnetic resonance image (MRI) data into personalized 3D muscle analyses for performance, clinical and longevity health applications. Springbok has created a new way to view and quantify muscle volume, quality and asymmetries for precision health insights and performance optimization on a muscle-by-muscle level.

In her role, she supports all aspects of product engineering and development, and assists in the AI software maintenance, integration of scientific principles, and the company’s intellectual property protection strategy as a registered USPTO patent agent. Prior to joining the Springbok team, Lara developed virtual and augmented reality applications related to biomechanical gait performance and 3D visualization of MRI/CT imaged anatomy for interventional planning.

Lara received her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from the joint Medical College of Wisconsin and Marquette University program. During her PhD, she contributed to research regarding the development of a muscle activated AI powered prosthetics, as well as characterizing gait and balance deficits in people with multiple sclerosis.