Studies show too much time online is unhealthy for kids, and parents play a major role in their children’s technology use. A UW School of Medicine study looked at digital media use and family dynamics.

They found about 63 percent of teens fell into the “family engaged” group and had a healthy relationship with technology. The other 37 percent were categorized as “at risk.”

The study showed parents with rules about content lead to greater teen well-being. The expert who leads the study said parents should set a good example with their own digital media use.

“Parents can have positive communication with their adolescents about technology and find ways that they can use technology together to bring them together as a family,” said Dr. Megan Moreno, adolescent health expert, at UW Health.

Experts say families should consider family-owned technology devices. Families should create and maintain household rules centered on content, not screen time. Parents should take responsibility for their own technology and social media use, particularly at home.

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