The Wisconsin biohealth community witnessed an empowering and exciting Women in Biohealth (WiB) networking event on Tuesday, July 18th. The event, which took place on the Findorff Patio, brought together 90+ women and advocates for women, creating a vibrant and relaxed atmosphere for networking and connection-building. The occasion was a fantastic opportunity for attendees to expand their professional networks, learn about WiB, interact with fellow WiB members, and gain valuable insights from like-minded individuals in the biohealth industry. This event was a testament to the strength and unity of women in the field, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and support.

The WiB team was thrilled to have the sponsorship of Findorff, a gesture that provided attendees with delightful refreshments. The refreshments were graciously prepared by Tricky Foods, a woman-owned business, showcasing the event’s commitment to empowering and supporting women entrepreneurs. Attendees were also treated to a custom cocktail, the homemade jalapeno margarita, in addition to regular lime margaritas, beer, wine, and soda. The delicious drinks added an extra touch of enjoyment to the evening.

Despite a last-minute change due to the cancellation of the professional development speaker, Sarah Young from Zing Collaborative, the planning committee demonstrated remarkable flexibility and creativity. The event went ahead smoothly, with expert moderation from Findorff’s Robbie Oldenburg, and the networking activities organized during the event were a hit among the attendees. One of the highlights was the mixer activity, which encouraged everyone to interact and get to know each other better. The warm-up activity prompted participants to meet new people while sharing their passions and interests. This icebreaker created an open and welcoming atmosphere, facilitating meaningful connections.

Another engaging activity called “Hot Seats” allowed women to delve into important topics and tap into the collective wisdom of the group. Participants took turns being in the “hot seat,” sharing their challenges and asking for support from others in the room. The remaining attendees were encouraged to ask curiosity-based questions and offer resources to help address the challenges. This interactive session sparked valuable discussions and fostered a sense of community and support among the participants.

Throughout the event, attendees were motivated to take action based on what they learned and experienced. The question “What is one action I would like to take?” inspired women to set personal and professional goals, encouraging growth and progress within the biohealth community. The evening concluded with an emphasis on fostering lasting connections. Attendees were encouraged to identify one person they would like to stay in touch with after the event, emphasizing the importance of continued networking and collaboration within the industry.

Meet someone at the event that you need to make contact with but can’t remember their name? Post on our LinkedIn Group to see if the joint power of LinkedIn connections can find the person you are looking for!

A big thank you to the planning committee!

Overall, the Women in Biohealth networking event was a resounding success, thanks to the dedication and hard work of the planning committee and the enthusiastic participation of all attendees. The event’s positive and empowering atmosphere showcased the strength and potential of women in the Wisconsin biohealth community.

For those who missed this event, don’t worry, as Women in Biohealth continues to hold various engaging activities and networking opportunities throughout the year. Stay connected with WiB to be a part of future events and experiences that promote growth, support, and camaraderie within the biohealth industry.

Thank you to everyone who attended and contributed to the success of this inspiring event. Women in Biohealth looks forward to welcoming you all again in the future!