WiBxTEMPO Board Service Info Panel Recap

At Exact Sciences, a powerful and enlightening event unfolded amidst a gathering of 72 incredible women. Women in Biohealth, in collaboration with TEMPO Madison, orchestrated an evening that left attendees with a newfound passion for board service and a wealth of knowledge to begin navigating the world of non-profit and corporate boards.

Diverse Voices, Unique Insights

Our event featured remarkable women from TEMPO Madison who generously shared their experiences serving on non-profit and corporate boards. They highlighted that being on a board is not just a responsibility but an opportunity to offer expertise to an organization, engage with diverse individuals brimming with distinct thoughts and perspectives, and, most importantly, give back to the community.

Understanding the Differences

One key takeaway was the distinction between non-profit and corporate boards. Non-profits are mission-driven, focusing on their societal impact, while corporate boards are profit-driven, centered around the organization’s financial success. Understanding this fundamental difference is crucial when considering board service.

Asking the Right Questions

Our discussion delved into the importance of asking the right questions before committing to a board. Questions such as the time and term commitment, the specific board role, and requesting a copy of the bylaws emerged as critical inquiries to ensure the right fit.

The Uniqueness of Every Board

Perhaps the most significant revelation of the evening was that every board is a unique entity. Boards vary in mission, structure, and culture, emphasizing the importance of finding the right match for your skills and passion.

Navigating Gender Dynamics

A thought-provoking question surfaced: How does being a woman impact serving on a board? The insightful advice offered was to ask questions to earn respect, cultivate resilience, and seek out a mentor. Our event underscored that women are not only ready but exceptionally well-equipped to join boards, and it’s essential to combat the tendency to downplay their contributions.

Changing the Narrative

The highlight of the night was a powerful realization: women are often ready to join a board before they even realize it. Yet, they tend to be modest about their contributions, focusing on what they gain rather than what they give. TEMPO Madison and Project Reach are taking a stand to challenge this narrative, working tirelessly to empower women to step onto male-dominated boards and create lasting change.

Our event was a catalyst for change in the biohealth space, inspiring women to embrace their potential as board members and providing them with the tools to make their mark. Together, we are reshaping boardrooms, fostering diversity, and amplifying the voices of women in leadership. This event was just the beginning of a journey towards a more inclusive and empowered future.


Susan LaBelle– (moderator) mentor/coach

Fatou Ceesay– Owner & Manager of Cairasu Home Care

Susan Thomson– Founder of Action COACH

Tracy Travis– Founder & CEO of ImpacTT Collective, LLC

Shana Lewis– attorney & shareholder with Renning, Lewis & Lacy