The Wisconsin Biohealth Summit is just around the corner, and one of the highly anticipated panel sessions is “Made in WI – Biopharma Manufacturing.” Scheduled for October 17th at the Overture Performing Arts Center, this panel discussion will be a cornerstone of the event, focusing on Wisconsin’s thriving biopharma and biomanufacturing industry. This discussion couldn’t be more timely as it ties together with the summit’s overarching theme, “The Next Generation of Personalized Medicine.” Let’s take a closer look at what this panel session is all about and why it’s crucial for the future of healthcare.

Wisconsin’s Biopharma Manufacturing Boom

First and foremost, it’s essential to highlight the remarkable growth that Wisconsin’s biomanufacturing sector has experienced in recent years. Since 2018, biomanufacturing has expanded by a staggering 29%, making Wisconsin a pivotal player in the biopharmaceutical industry. With national interests now keenly focused on reshoring pharmaceutical manufacturing, Wisconsin’s prowess in the biomanufacturing sector couldn’t be more important. The state is primed to showcase that the next generation of biopharma manufacturing is “Made in Wisconsin.”

This impressive growth can be attributed to the numerous state biopharma companies that provide active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and biologic manufacturing services. These companies play a pivotal role in developing and producing advanced therapeutics. The panel session aims to shed light on the innovative work being done in Wisconsin, providing valuable insights into the cutting-edge techniques, technologies, and strategies employed by these companies to ensure that personalized medicine becomes a reality.

Meet the Panelists

Now, let’s get to know the esteemed panelists who will be sharing their expertise and insights during this session:

  1. Adam Kujath, VP, General Manager, Sterling Pharma: With over 17 years of experience in the global Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO) space, Adam brings a wealth of knowledge to the panel. His background in chemistry and biochemistry equips him to offer a unique perspective on the intricacies of biopharma manufacturing.
  2. Lori Aschenbrenner, Director, Drug Development and Regulatory Strategy Early Phase Development Solutions, Labcorp: Lori’s extensive background in biochemistry, biology, and toxicology, along with her two decades of industry experience, make her a vital contributor to the discussion on biopharma manufacturing’s future.
  3. David Goeddel, Director of API R&D, MilliporeSigma Life Science Services: David’s impressive chemistry and pharmaceutical research qualifications and his responsibilities for developing API product portfolios and launching new technologies make him a key player in advancing the biopharma manufacturing landscape.
  4. Justin Koepsel, Senior Director, Commercial Operations, Catalent Biologics, Drug Substance: With a unique blend of technical and business expertise spanning over a decade, Dr. Koepsel is well-equipped to provide insights into the strategic side of biopharma manufacturing, including client management, process improvement, and forecasting.

Why This Panel Matters

The “Made in WI – Biopharma Manufacturing” panel session promises to be a valuable discussion within the broader context of the Wisconsin Biohealth Summit. It provides a platform for industry leaders to share their experiences, knowledge, and visions for the future of biopharma manufacturing. With personalized medicine at the forefront, these experts will discuss how Wisconsin’s biopharma companies contribute to developing cutting-edge therapeutics tailored to individual patients.

This discussion is relevant for those within the biopharma and biomanufacturing sector and anyone interested in the future of healthcare. As personalized medicine becomes increasingly achievable, understanding the role of biopharma manufacturing is crucial, and this panel will undoubtedly offer unique insights into the industry’s direction.

As we look forward to the Wisconsin Biohealth Summit and the “Made in WI – Biopharma Manufacturing” panel, we can expect to gain a deeper understanding of Wisconsin’s significant strides in the biopharma industry. It’s an exciting time for the state, and this panel session is a testament to Wisconsin’s commitment to shaping the future of healthcare through innovation and expertise. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore the next generation of personalized medicine and learn how Wisconsin is paving the way.

We’re delighted to share that the “Made in WI – Biopharma Manufacturing” panel session is sponsored by JP Cullen, a prominent name in construction and a vital contributor to Wisconsin’s growing biopharma and biomanufacturing sector. Their support not only underscores the importance of the discussion but also highlights their commitment to fostering innovation and excellence in the state’s biopharma manufacturing industry.