By Mike Harrison
BioForward Manager, Business Development

This has been a tough year for everyone, but as someone with young children, my thoughts are often with the many families experiencing hardships this holiday season.  With increasing job loss, food insecurity, and constant uncertainty at school, the low-income families in Milwaukee have been suffering beyond what most of us can imagine.  With so many young futures in jeopardy, I wanted to be able to put my donations with an organization that has a real impact on Milwaukee families.  That is why I have been donating to the COA Youth and Family Centers.

COA Youth and Family Centers have been helping low-income children and families in Milwaukee for over 100 years providing, food, career, and educational services year-round.  By giving the community’s family and children safe places to learn and grow, COA’s dedication continues to help Milwaukee’s kids reach their full potential.  

As a part of our 2020 Member Holiday Celebration this year, we have put out a call to our community to help those in need. We have included some ways that people can help through volunteering or donating with organizations that we ourselves support. We have also included some information about shopping locally this holiday season!

This year (especially this year😊), I hope everyone takes some time to volunteer, donates to a worthy cause, or just takes a moment to be kind this holiday season.  Also, please share your stories of giving with me and the rest of the BioForward community! 

Happy Holidays!


You can learn more about my charitable organization selection on our Holiday Celebration event page. Also, please share your stories with all of us. Not only will you be entered in a drawing for a gift card that will support shopping at a local shop, but also you will be a part of uplifting the spirits of all.