Jocelyn Cao joined the BioForward Wisconsin team in July 2020 as the Communication and Events Coordinator Intern. Jocelyn is a junior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Biology and in Life Science Communications. 

As the Communications and Events Coordinator Intern, Jocelyn will be assisting with general communications needs, social media, and projects supporting the promotion of Wisconsin’s biohealth industry.

“I am excited to be joining BioForward because it gives me the opportunity to learn and explore the marketing and communications side of the biohealth industry.” Jocelyn Cao

On-campus, Jocelyn is involved in developmental biology research at the Lipinski Lab. She also works part-time at BioForward member Covance as an animal technician and in her free time enjoys exploring nature and relaxing with her 2 cats. 

“We are ecstatic to have an intern of Jocelyn’s caliber and look forward to working with her.  There are challenges ahead due to operating in our ‘new normal’ because of COVID-19, but I am confident that Jocelyn will be able to embrace our heightened communications needs and virtual events.” Rissa Guffey

Feel free to contact Jocelyn at [email protected] to ask questions about what she does at BioForward for our member companies or to make requests concerning social media, web updates, or more.  She is eager to jump in and learn more about the industry.