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The study of all proteins in a biological system, or proteomics, enables an unbiased assessment of protein quantities. Proteome analysis is an important tool for clinicians and biologists to build hypotheses about how protein changes are associated with disease, which can lead to new therapeutics. Proteomics technology continues to improve, but relatively little data prevents its application to problems that require thousands of samples, such as clinical biomarker discovery or drug discovery.

In an article published in Nature Methods, Jesse G. Meyer, PhD, assistant professor of biochemistry at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), developed a groundbreaking protein analysis technique that enables quanitfication of proteins in seconds instead of the usual tens of minutes or hours.

“This is a significant breakthrough that will decrease the time required for proteomic analysis, which translates to lower cost per sample,” Dr. Meyer said. “That means we can start thinking about collecting data from thousands of proteomes, which is needed for drug discovery and clinical analyses.”