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Promega Corporation is part of a new clean energy initiative to build a 160-acre solar array in Fitchburg, WI. Madison Gas & Electric (MGE) is partnering with municipalities, public institutions, and businesses including Promega, on a new 20-megawatt (MW) solar array that will be the largest solar project in Dane County.

Known as O’Brien Solar Fields, the project will provide sustainably sourced, locally generated energy under MGE’s Renewable Energy Rider. Promega will purchase 2 MW to supply more than 8% of the biotech company’s current annual electrical consumption. This will complement Promega investment in solar photovoltaics on the roofs of five of its buildings in Madison.

“Promega is fortunate to be a part of such an advanced initiative for sustainable practices in our community,” says Kevin Stefanczyk, Facilities Project Manager. “We appreciate the engineering accomplishment of generating carbon-free energy at this scale and are optimistic the O’Brien project will contribute to local momentum around engaging in more renewable resources.”

The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin approved the project in October 2020. Construction will begin this year and the array is expected online in 2021. O’Brien Solar Fields will consist of about 66,000 solar panels located at the corner of Lacy Road and South Seminole Highway in Fitchburg. The new Promega Component Manufacturing Center, currently under construction, is just across the road and the company’s main campus is about two miles away.

Electricity usage is a primary sustainability focus at all Promega locations around the world. Several new and existing facilities use renewable energy sources such as photovoltaics and geothermal systems. The company’s Global Facilities Planning Team emphasizes designing and building highly efficient facilities that are durable, flexible and timeless.