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Promega Corporation is assisting COVID-19 vaccination in Wisconsin. The Promega Wellness Center, a healthcare facility for employees on the company’s Fitchburg campus, is a state-approved COVID-19 vaccination site. It is working with public health to evaluate opportunities to vaccinate priority populations as resources are available.

As part of Wisconsin Department of Health Services’ phased COVID-19 vaccine rollout, the Promega Wellness Center has to date vaccinated more than 100 frontline health care personnel, approximately 500 members of the Madison Police Department and groups of Wisconsin residents age 65 and over. Promega employees were given the opportunity to submit two Wisconsin residents age 65 and over to receive the vaccine. Those receiving their first vaccination at Promega will also receive their second dose at Promega.

“Public-private partnerships are critical for fighting the pandemic, including getting as many people vaccinated as quickly as possible,” says Dr. Ashley Anderson, Promega Chief Medical Officer and Director of the Promega Wellness Center. “We are honored to help in this way and will continue to look for opportunities.”

Promega Wellness Center staff members are working to both support priority populations and distribute vaccine as quickly as possible. It is the responsibility of the vaccination site to assure all vaccine is used before doses expire. In those cases, Promega will vaccinate employees working on its campus when no other priority candidates are available to receive doses in the proper timeframe. (Read more about mRNA vaccines here.) Promega will eventually provide vaccinations for its 1100 Wisconsin employees as they become eligible.

Promega manufactures reagents and instruments used by hospitals, clinical diagnostic laboratories and molecular diagnostic manufacturers to support SARS-CoV-2 testing globally. In 2020, the company provided enough amplification reagents and enzymes to enable testing an estimated 700 million samples for SARS-CoV-2 worldwide. Promega also provides products for vaccine development and viral research.