By Brian Moeller
BioForward Director, Operations & Member Services

This past year was challenging for all of us in a whole host of ways, though as the crisis continued to drag on it became clear that not enough was done to protect those who are most at-risk in our communities and that more help might not be coming and as nearly 40% of Americans now find themselves facing food insecurity, many for the first time.

That’s a staggering number and I felt this sort of powerlessness to improve the situation as an individual, and it felt like doing nothing was criminal. I found myself unsure of who to volunteer my time and energy with, so I turned to the United Way’s to find opportunities to give back in a way that still fit our level of safety with interactions in a pandemic. On Fridays you might pass me driving around south-west Madison, delivering food to families in need through the Madison West High Area Collaborative.

As a part of our 2020 Member Holiday Celebration this year, we have put out a call to our community to help those in need. We have included some ways that people can help through volunteering or donating with organizations that we ourselves support. We have also included some information about shopping locally this holiday season!

Finally, this holiday season take the time to recognize your blessings and if you find yourself with an abundance of them, see what you can do to give back.  I’m excited to hear your stories and hope they’ll inspire me and others to do even more in our communities.



You can learn more about my charitable organization selection on our Holiday Celebration event page. Also, please share your stories with all of us. Not only will you be entered in a drawing for a gift card that will support shopping at a local shop, but also you will be a part of uplifting the spirits of all.