By Lisa Johnson
BioForward CEO

I am inspired every day when I see how so many people give their creativity, time, and money to support our communities and those in need. I know I could do much more and have had to self-reflect on being too self-centered and does that bring me as much joy as when I put others before myself? This pandemic is making us all think about how we impact a community rather than only thinking about how COVID controls us individually.  

I have been donating and volunteering for Second Harvest because I have seen the impact they have had on those that cannot afford food for their families. No one should be going hungry in this country. If I can help in some small way to box food so a family can have a healthy meal, then I go home at night being thankful for my health, family, friends and being appreciative of what life has given to me.

Volunteers (including Lisa and her husband) prepared over 800 boxes in preparation for Thanksgiving.

As a part of our 2020 Member Holiday Celebration this year, we have put out a call to our community to help those in need. We have included some ways that people can help through volunteering or donating with organizations that we ourselves support. We have also included some information about shopping locally this holiday season!

You can learn more about my charitable organization selection on our Holiday Celebration event page. Also, please share your stories with all of us. Not only will you be entered in a drawing for a gift card that will support shopping at a local shop, but also you will be a part of uplifting the spirits of all. This is the season and this is the year when we need to find ways to rejoice in one another!

Enjoy Life,