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A new tool to help Wisconsinites track vaccine supply in the state was introduced Monday.  UW Health just launched a COVID-19 vaccination dashboard that provides up-to-date numbers on vaccination efforts as eligibility expands to more people.

“Our goal is to really be transparent, highlighting what we have going on, how many have been vaccinated,” Dr. Matt Anderson, Senior Medical Director for Primary Care. 

Dr. Anderson pointed out, right now, the limiting factor is supply.  As of the morning of February 8th, more than 22,000 people are scheduled for their first dose, but UW Health only has 530 doses on hand.  Dr. Anderson emphasized the health system has the capacity to do more than double the number of doses its been allocated this week.  

The lack of supply means UW Health will have to reschedule some patients with first dose appointments.  

Dr. Anderson said, “Everything has a domino effect to some degree.  So any delays that occur for those people who are scheduled does push back farther, as far as our ability to be able to move forward with additional phases or additional individuals.”

If you are scheduled for a second dose, UW Health is committed to giving those in the coming week.  Dr. Anderson had this message for patients, “I want people to be reassured that if they’ve received their first dose they’re going to receive their second dose.”

You can visit the new UW Health vaccination dashboard here