In a recent interview, Johnson shared this figure ahead of an upcoming report the group will be rolling out next month exploring employment trends for the industry. Findings of the 2022 Wisconsin Biohealth Economic Impact Study will be presented Oct. 12 at the Wisconsin Biohealth Summit in Madison. 

“We saw 10.6 percent growth, versus if you look at the total of all industries in the state of Wisconsin, those went down by 2.7 percent … so that’s exciting to us,” she said. “We have 51,533 jobs just in our biohealth industry.” 

BioForward is holding a virtual career fair today for member companies, the second in a three-part series that began in May. A third career fair is planned for February. Johnson says these events aim to help bring workers to Wisconsin to support the state’s growing biohealth industries. 

“That is the biggest issue for our companies … rather than only trying to circulate talent within the state, we need to start bringing more in and our industry does a great job of attracting talent from outside the state,” she said. 

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