The upcoming Wisconsin Biohealth Summit promises to be a remarkable event with a focus on “The Next Generation of Personalized Medicine.” Among the exciting lineup of speakers is Seth Blacksburg, a true leader in the field of personalized medicine. As the Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer of Accuray, Blacksburg is set to deliver the closing keynote, where he will shed light on Accuray’s groundbreaking collaborations with clinical, academic, pharmaceutical, and research organizations. These collaborations are at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare outcomes, aligning perfectly with the event’s theme. In this blog post, we’ll explore Seth Blacksburg’s role and delve into Accuray’s contributions to the world of personalized medicine.

Meet the Speaker: Seth Blacksburg, M.D., MBA

Seth Blacksburg brings a wealth of expertise to the world of personalized medicine. Serving as the Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Officer at Accuray, his role is pivotal in steering the organization’s global clinical strategic approach. This approach encompasses customer education, patient access and reimbursement, and clinical research and publication strategy. Dr. Blacksburg plays a critical role in infusing the voice of the customer into the development of transformative technological innovations. With his medical and business background, he is ideally positioned to drive Accuray’s mission of enhancing healthcare through cutting-edge solutions.

About Accuray

Accuray, as a company, is synonymous with advancing radiation therapy. Their innovative products are designed to deliver accurate, precise, and effective radiation therapy across various medical domains, ranging from oncology to neuro-radiosurgery and beyond. The company’s commitment to excellence is exemplified by their recent announcement of opening the Accuray Center for Education, a global training facility at their corporate headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin.

Accuray’s Commitment to Education and Advancement

The Accuray Center for Education is not just a testament to the company’s commitment to progress; it’s a realization of their dedication to education and training in the medical field. This state-of-the-art facility offers an array of learning opportunities. It features fully-capable Accuray radiation therapy systems for training, advanced lab spaces equipped with remote learning capabilities, and a hybrid, in-person with remote connection option. This innovative approach allows multiple members of a medical care team to participate in the same course from different locations, making it easier for care providers to stay current on best practices and innovations in radiation therapy.

As Suzanne Winter, the President and CEO of Accuray, affirms, “Education – not just one course but ongoing opportunities for knowledge sharing – is key to making this happen.” This commitment to continuous learning echoes the central theme of personalized medicine – adapting and evolving with the needs of individual patients.

Key Accuray Continuing Education Offerings

  1. The MicroLearning Program: Accuray has developed short, convenient education modules based on customer feedback, led by Accuray clinical specialists. These courses are designed to expand knowledge and elevate skills according to the participant’s experience, ensuring that healthcare practitioners can provide the highest quality treatments to their patients.
  2. Accuray Exchange (AEx): This platform connects users of Accuray’s CyberKnife, TomoTherapy, and Radixact System, enabling them to gain knowledge and build partnerships focused on improving the treatment of cancer and neurologic conditions. From online resources to monthly continuing education webinars, this global forum encourages peer-to-peer sharing of techniques and experiences, which ultimately advances patient care and sets new standards in treatment and technical guidelines.


Seth Blacksburg’s closing keynote at the Wisconsin Biohealth Summit is set to be a significant event, aligning perfectly with the summit’s theme of “The Next Generation of Personalized Medicine.” Accuray, under his guidance, is pushing the boundaries of personalized medicine through innovative collaborations and education initiatives. The Accuray Center for Education is a shining example of their commitment to advancing the field, and the MicroLearning Program and Accuray Exchange platform showcase their dedication to supporting healthcare practitioners in their mission to provide top-notch care.

The future of personalized medicine is bright, and Accuray’s contributions are a testament to the remarkable innovations that are shaping the healthcare landscape. As we look forward to the summit, we anticipate gaining valuable insights from Dr. Seth Blacksburg’s keynote address and learning more about the pioneering solutions in personalized medicine that are driving the industry forward.

Thank you to our sponsor, Accuray, for supporting this session.