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BioForward’s mission is to grow Wisconsin biohealth companies and unite the industry to define and influence the future of healthcare

Deliver immediate and long-term value to biohealth and associate industry organizations

Position Wisconsin’s biohealth industry for continuing, sustainable growth

Promote the region and the strength of the biohealth industry on a local, regional, national, and international stage

What is BioForward?

  • Action-oriented membership association
  • A long history of success
  • Dedicated and experienced staff
  • Offices in Madison and Milwaukee
  • Board of Directors and membership made up of biggest Wisconsin biohealth industry organizations

Connect and Collaborate

BioForward’s robust networking opportunities and facilitated connections pave the way for collaborations that drive growth. Gain a competitive edge through BioForward’s educational events and opportunities.

Networking, Connections & Events Include:

  • Making facilitated connections and introductions
  • BioForward hosts the largest biohealth events in Wisconsin-
    • Annual Member Meeting, Wisconsin Biohealth Summit, and the End of Year Celebration
  • &
    • Women in Biohealth professional group
    • Webinars
    • Additional special events
    • Associate Industry Knowledge Base to connect with resources to grow your business

industry leaders and peers attend the Wisconsin Biohealth Summit each year

Did you know?

According to a study done at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, networking is directly related to long-term career success and employee satisfaction.

With events that you truly cannot miss and our additional online and in-person events and groups, you have plenty of chances to get informed, meet new partners, and network with Wisconsin’s biohealth leaders!

Maximize Savings, Maximize Success

Our partnership with Fisher Scientific enables BioForward members to significantly reduce their operational costs with exclusive discounts on lab essentials. As a member, you can take advantage of the BioForward – Fisher BioSavings program

BioForward-Fisher BioSavings Program Benefits:

  • Deep discounts off list price
  • Free standard shipping
  • Credits toward future purchases:
    • based on all purchases
    • for year-over-year growth
    • for ordering online

saved by member companies in 2022

In addition to our partnership with Fisher Scientific, BioForward members have the opportunity to save with other vendors.

BIO Business Solution Program providers:

These BioForward Members also offer discounted rates to fellow members:

Influence Change

Stand united with BioForward’s state and federal advocacy efforts, shaping policies that impact the community. Make your voice heard and drive positive change.

In 2023, BioForward has worked diligently on advocating for the following issues:

SUPPORT: All Co-pays Count Legislation

Represents patients statewide whose health and finances are at risk from an unfair insurer policy that stops drug assistance programs from counting toward patient deductibles or out-of-pocket maximums.

SUPPORT: Increase in Refundable Research Tax Credit from 15% to 50%

Making your dollar stretch further! This increased tax credit improves cash flow and reduces federal and state taxes. Invest in new technologies, products and services.

SUPPORT: Complete Repeal of Personal Property Tax

Eliminate the red tape and recordkeeping from the personal property tax. Time and money can be spent investing in higher wages for employees and improvements to your business.

SUPPORT: Increase Funding to the UW System

Increasing funding to the UW System will ultimately improve the quality of the workforce coming into your organization.

BioForward is your partner in state and federal advocacy and we fight for the issues that matter to our members. 

Amplify Your Presence

Increase your company’s visibility and impact. As a BioForward member, you’ll gain a platform to showcase your brand, accomplishments, and innovations, connecting with a wider audience than ever before.

Company Visibility Includes:

  • Recognition on website, newsletter, & social media
  • Member blogs, profiles, news, and PR outreach
  • Event sponsorship opportunities

digital impressions for members across social media and BioForward websites yearly

stories published locally & nationally for members

BioForward is your pathway to make sure your voice is heard on the local and national stage.

sample pictures of member features in social media, newsletter, and profile

Access Exceptional Talent

Elevate your team with the best minds from our talent attraction and retention campaign. BioForward’s talent campaign offers unparalleled access to a pool of top-tier professionals, ensuring your company remains at the forefront of innovation.

Talent Attraction & Retention Includes:

  • Investment of >$400,000 in PR services to attract talent and grow talent pool
  • Extensive digital advertising to enhance the perception of Wisconsin and draw job seekers to our state
  • Career center on BioForward’s website

digital impressions on talent campaign & awareness ads

virtual career fair attendees

Learn, Grow, Lead

Stay updated with industry trends, best practices, and emerging technologies, positioning your company as a true trailblazer. Our strategic initiatives and partnerships are in direct response to what members like you tell us they need right now to help their companies compete and succeed.

Strategic Initiatives & Partnerships Include:

  • Educational partnerships to address critical workforce shortages
  • Facilitating member-driven groups that bring companies together to discuss common interests
  • Donations to support our community

given by BioForward on behalf of members through donations & sponsorships

As a member of the Wisconsin biohealth industry, you are a part of something BIG 


statewide impact

products & services

average salary

Join BioForward To Transform Your Company’s Trajectory!

Membership Fees

Membership fees are based on the number of employees in your Wisconsin location.

Base Membership  
1-2 Employees $300
3-10 Employees $400
11-24 Employees $750
25-100 Employees $1,300
>100 Employees $3,000
Government / Nonprofit / Education $500
Medallion Membership
Bronze $5,000
Silver $10,000
Gold $15,000
Platinum $20,000

Talk to a membership representative to learn more about exclusive benefits available to medallion members.